Heirloom vegetables

At various times of the year, we have a limited supply of hierloom, organic vegetables for sale. For example, in early spring, we have a limited amount of wild and cultivated asparagus. Also, we will have various varieties of baby leaf lettuce.

To see what we currently have in stock, please get in touch with us via the contact page.

We currently apple sorrel..an incredible taste of Granny Smith apple..in a leaf!

We currently have Japanese shiso in stock

We currently have sage. Powerful, aromatic and versatile.

We currently have  lemonbalm for sale. An incredible herb, super strong lemony flavour.

We currently have sorrel de Belleville in stock, an acidic, slightly bitter leaf, very attractive.

We currently have Korean shiso in stock.

We currently have rosemary. Incredible aroma and flavour.

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